Sr. SWEs design and develop applications and systems that contain logical and mathematical solutions; Conduct multidisciplinary research and collaborates with equipment designers and/or hardware engineers in the planning, design, development, and utilization of electronic data processing systems for product and commercial software.



The Cloud Software Engineer will support OpenSource (NoSQL) products that support highly distributed, massively parallel computation needs such as Hbase, CloudBase/Acumulo, Big Table, etc.

  • Map Reduce programming model and technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig, etc.
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
  • Serialization such as JSON and/or BSON.
  • Requirements analysis and design of at least one Object Oriented system.
  • Developing solutions integrating and extending FOSS/COTS products.
  • Developing and deploying: data driven analytics; event driven analytics; sets of analytics orchestrated through rules engines.
  • Must have experience developing software with high level languages such as Java, C, C++.
  • Developing Restful services.
  • Experience developing software for RedHat Linux and Windows operating systems


  • Experience developing and deploying analytics that:
    • Include foreign language processing;
    • incorporate/integrate multi-media technologies, including speech, text, image and video exploitation;
    • function on massive data sets – more than a billion rows or larger than 10 Petabytes;
    • employ semantic relationships between structured and unstructured data sets;
    • identify latentcy patterns between elements of massive data sets
    • employ techniques commonly associated with Machine Learning
  • Experience designing and developing automated analytic software, techniques, and algorithms.
  • Experience with taxonomy construction for analytic disciplines, knowledge areas and skills.
  • Experience developing and deploying analytics that discover and exploit social networks.
  • Experience documenting ontologies, data models, schemas, formats, data element dictionaries, software application program interfaces and other technical specifications.
  • Experience developing and deploying analytics within a heterogeneous schema environment.
  • Experience with linguistics (grammar, morphology, concepts).
  • Understanding of Big-Data Cloud Scalability (Amazon, Google, Facebook).

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