Coding is the majority of work.  DB knowledge/understanding is essential. The position requires code that interacts with big data sets.  Our client’s real time db processes over 4 million records per day, and they track and present them all to consumers real-time.    In addition, part of the code is set on subsets of that data, and requires combining that data with a new real time aggregator.

Developer who can do DB work is preferred.


  • Migrate MS Access databases to MSSQL server and develop web application based on MS Access Forms using Java, C# .Net, public records and automate document upload, processing and publishing the content in web page and provide searchable conten​t
  • Design and Develop public facing web application in Java, C# .Net and bootstrap
  • Integrate SQL server database with web service and develop web application to locate public records for public in Java, C#, .Net, Bootstrap
  • Implement Lucene Core indexing for public records and Solr for searching, automate document processing, key field meta data, content extraction, report generation
  • Implement document conversion and make  public records available in multiple format


  • Bachelors in CS or Information Technology strongly preferred
  • 8-10+ years of experience in development with 2-3 years of DBA experience
  • Must have C#/.NET Development background and this should be their primary language
  • Must have SQL Server experience in the capacity of a Developer but also some DBA skills
  • Experience working with AWS preferred
  • Any experience working on government (state, local or federal) transportation programs is desired but not required
  • Federal and State background investigations required

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