A fully qualified technician, the Field Service Technician applies a broad working knowledge of electronics to a wide variety of assignments through the application of technical concepts, practices and procedures. The incumbent generally is a member of quick-response customer support team and works on moderately complex work orders with normal to critical deadlines, and typically operates independently to troubleshoot hardware/software equipment problems, and to set up, install, configure, maintain, relocate, and/or repair a variety of electronic computing and communications equipment, software and/or peripherals.



Position requires a responsible, reliable and quick-to-respond technical professional to provide varied maintenance duties for transportation systems. Installs, checks out, operates, maintains, repairs, and modifies equipment. Implements preventive maintenance process and keeps performance and maintenance records on equipment. Additionally, participates in the initial installation phase of a project.


Performs routine duties in electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, or optical areas. Calibrates, adjusts, tests, and maintains equipment, components, devices, or systems. Works from written or verbal instructions. May operate equipment; perform limited amount of troubleshooting and well defined problem identification; perform calibration and alignment checks, reporting data in prescribed format.


Must have a good knowledge of the following equipment: DVOM (Digital Volt-Ohm Meter), Oscilloscopes, Amp-Probes and Communication Break-out Boxes. Must be familiar with Logic pulsers and probes, Communication protocol analyzers, LAN Sniffers, Power Quality Monitors and Computer Based Testing (Checklist). Should possess a mechanical aptitude towards using hand tools to include, but not limited to: drill motors, band saws, screw drivers (manual and electric), hammer drills, and crimpers.


Fulfills work orders/service calls to install, maintains and/or repairs traffic loops, Cameras, video systems, computer equipment and peripherals, including, but not limited to the following:


Troubleshoots hardware, software, and/or network operating problems. Uses basic and specialized test equipment\software to diagnose and analyze difficulties.


May troubleshoot related communications problems; e.g., in a LAN\WAN environment, IPv4 addressing and subnetting, basic knowledge of router & switch interfaces, applying a knowledge of cat5\coax wiring, standard\shielded cable connections and wire closets/MAUs. Takes appropriate corrective action, interfacing with vendor, carrier, client and Xerox staff as necessary.


Performs preventive hardware maintenance, replacement and repair (to sub-assembly/ component level) of video components, microprocessor components, peripherals and associated/designated communications and information management equipment. Majority of work is completed at roadside locations adjacent to traffic intersections.


Sets up, assembles, installs, configures, reconfigures, modifies, moves and/or relocates hardware/software at Traffic Equipment site locations. Ensures upgrades are configured and installed on schedule. Uses standard hand and power tools and technical manuals. May work with multiple vendors, manufacturers, etc. Maintains work order documentation, technical schematics and diagrams. May assist in providing training to other technicians.

Must be willing to travel to various areas for installation and service to assigned systems.


Duties may require physical exertion, including reaching, carrying and lifting heavy equipment, up to 65 pounds. Duties require on-call accessibility, occasional after hour’s activity.


Must have own vehicle and valid driver’s license.



•Vocational, trade school, technical training or an associate degree in electrical electronics technology, or equivalent work experience. Associate degree preferred.

•Minimum 5-7 years progressively responsible experience, demonstrating in-depth working familiarity with a broad range of electronic equipment, including most vendors and a minimum of 3 years of mastery of a specialized technical area. Video Component, CCTV experience, traffic control systems, and radar equipment experience is desired.

•Ability to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair to sub-assembly/component level and to use a variety of specialized test equipment and associated diagnostic devices. (Specifics are defined/may vary by applicable end-user area.)

•Demonstrate strong administrative and organizational skills in support of the program.

•Strong demonstrated analytical and creative problem-solving skills.

•Good customer service orientation and appreciation of role as a Xerox representative.

•Maturity of judgment under pressure/ability to diagnose level of user need/distribute work effectively.

•Considerable client and end-user interface by phone and/or in-person necessitates good (clear) verbal communication skills and credible customer presence (appearance, attitude & demeanor).

•Flexibility and the ability to operate under stressful, time-sensitive deadlines.

•Commitment to quality and personal ethics.

•Ability to work independently, but as part of team concept.

•Strong electrical background and mechanical aptitude

•Strong Electrical & Mechanical Aptitude

•Basic knowledge of network installation and troubleshooting

•Knowledge of TCP/IP protocol

•Knowledge of Windows OS


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