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"Getting your first or second sysadmin job is as much about fit and emotional intelligence as it is about “hard” skills. Questions and answers relating to technical knowledge requirements are easily found online, but employers often desire subtler qualities."

"Many interviewers also like to ask open-ended questions. According to Trevor Simm, founder of OpalStaff and Talos Solutions, such queries are essential when assessing potential sysadmin recruits. Instead of saying, “Have you worked with [X] technology?” he might ask: “Tell me how you’ve worked with [X] technology.”

That adjustment to open-ended questioning “allows us to see how a candidate has worked with specific tools,” Simm said, “and how they have worked within specific environments.”

OpalStaff president, Trevor Simm, offers this and other important insight on how sysadmins can best prepare for their next job interview. Read the full article here.



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Prepping for a Sysadmin Interview –

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