Job Interview Trivia: 10 Things You Need To Know Beforehand – Mainstreet

OpalStaff’s, Trevor Simm, is quoted in this article – “Job Interview Trivia: 10 Things You Need To Know Beforehand.”

Do not have anything in your mouth. While every candidate should ensure that he has fresh breath for the interview, it is not O.K. to show up mid-gum chew. The same rule also applies to breath mints, and any other kind of hard candy. Trevor Simm, founder and president of OpalStaff, explains that “many interviewees often forget to ditch their gum before the questions begin — by then, it’s too late, and dropping your gum in the trash can next to the interviewer’s desk is tacky and uncomfortable.” A better choice would be to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you, and if you feel that your breath is anything less than fresh, do a quick brush in the restroom right before the interview.”