Staffing Solutions

OpalStaff is committed to providing customized solutions for companies of all sizes. We take the time to fully understand the needs, company culture, work environment, and future goals of every business we partner with.

Permanent Placement

Direct Hire | After thoroughly outlining the job description and qualities of the ideal candidate for each client, our strategic recruiting team will find and source candidates of all levels for a direct hire. This service ensures a much more appropriate and qualified individual, as OpalStaff has a nationwide database of thousands of applicants from which to choose.

Contract Employment

OpalStaff, utilizing the process outlined above, will place a mutually agreed upon OpalStaff contractor with your organization to work on a contract basis in order to fulfill a short or long term need. There is no obligation to employ the contractor once the contract/project is complete.

Temporary to Permanent

Contract To Hire | After passing through OpalStaff’s extensive screening process, a contractor will be placed for an agreed upon time. At the end of the contract period, clients will have the option of taking that person on as a permanent employee, with no additional fee. This service provides an excellent opportunity to “try before you buy,” thus ensuring the employee is the best fit for your company culture.

Pay Rolling & Insurance

If you have already identified qualified candidates, but would like someone else to handle the paperwork, insurance and payroll for that individual,OpalStaff will hire the candidates, who will then work on assignment with your organization for an agreed upon bill rate at a low margin to your company.


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